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Classical Photography by Jess Isaiah Levin

High School Photo Albums

You don't have to wait until senior year!

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Are you looking for a fine Raleigh wedding photographer, senior photos that you can't get from a "portrait factory", family portraits with an artist's touch, or a head shot that shows you at your very best? You've come to the right place. Find out what Classical Photography can do for you!

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Welcome to Classical Photography of Raleigh, North Carolina, providing coverage for weddings and other special events, portraits for families and children, high school seniors, corporate publicity and other PR uses, as well as fine art prints for home or workplace display. From business cards to billboards.

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There are many photographers in the Raleigh area. Choose yours with care and you'll reap the rewards for many years to come.

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Essays and Articles

Selecting a wedding photographer

Photography Q & A - a bit about optics, digital terminology, etc.

Finding photographs in common town settings

Abstract photography

Rainy day photography

Pace of technological change

Float like a butterfly, explore things with the bees

Black on black: tonality is relative

New images from old

For the love of pets

Photographing the familiar: watching changing light alter the subject

wildlife in and around the North Carolina Zoo

Photographing a lunar eclipse

Keeping it fresh

An exotic musical instrument from Hungary

A new look at antiques

A very blue eyed cat

Clouds and sky as subject

Autumn leaves on platters

Moonrise and sunrise over the Neuse River


More from the Zoo

Transition to Winter in NC

Snow at Last!

Bridal Portrait in "Olden Style"

A Mozart Rehearsal with pianist Shai Wosner and the NC Symphony

A Rose for Valentine's Day

Outdoor Portraits

Being prepared to photograph in rain or shine

Shadows and Abstracts

Flowers and Insects

Grab what you can! More of nature close up

Who needs Photoshop?

Light makes the difference for plant portraits

"Blue sky, Golden Sands" tour

A Flying Lifestyle

The effect of camera format on depth of field - a practical demonstration

The effect of lens focal length on depth of field

Head shots and portrait styles

Maternity Portraits

High School Photo Albums - You don't have to wait until senior year!

Fun with Nature!

Painted Violins to raise money for the Durham Symphony Orchestra

Bokeh and Wildflowers

Bee on a Carnival Ride

Odyssey of a Snail

"Almost" macrophotography

Symphony Kittens!

Snow at Last!

Mosquito Attacks Squirrel

Birds at the Mouth of the Neuse River

Squirrels Looking Chipper - not so many mosquitoes!

Insects and Fruit on a warm autumn day

Late blooming flowers against autumn colors

Drag racing mollusk

Corporate Events Choosing a Wedding Photographer choosing a wedding photographer