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June 30, 2007

Exploring through a camera:

This afternoon I had a chance to grab a few shots of bees and butterflies in a neighbor's yard. Here is one that was "just passing through".

passing by

This next shot is while it was getting nourishment and spreading pollen at the same time.

feeding butterfly

And here is one of the bees doing its part:

bee feeding on flower

As a photographer, I like to explore my world through the lens of a camera. People often ask me what I photograph, or sometimes what I "like to photograph". My answer has to be "almost anything". How could one not be interested in everything around us? If the camera is a way to amplify and record our impressions of what we see, then it makes sense to be selective and "filter" those impressions so that what is saved has some value for us in the future. But limit our interests and miss out on regions to explore? Not for me.

Here are two more shots of our "flutterby" friend, just to round out the experience. You can clearly see that its left wing tip has suffered a bit, perhaps in a narrow escape from a predator. They need to eat, too. Nonetheless, it felt good to see that this beautiful creature seems to be getting along fine for now. That proboscis is pretty impressive, isn't it?

feeding butterfly profile

butterfly with wings spread

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