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Photographing the familiar:

Watching the subject change under changing light.

I decided to do a little bit of shooting close to home over a span of several days. My imagination was grabbed by some spare, pale, over-wintering plants that sway in the slightest breeze.

On the first of February, I noticed an array of colors that I could blur as a background to my willowy subject. I chose to catch a slice of a second "bloom" in the lower left, since I liked the effect of a subtle echo.

black on black

The next day, I went after the curlicues of the intertwining stalks. I chose roughly the same time to get a similar transilluminated effect, but daylight is rarely the same from one occasion to the next, as you can see.

back lit plant

On the third day, I set up the most complex of the compositions I played with. I call it "Treble Clef", an easy-to-solve visual riddle for the musicians among you. I hope that the crazy mix of curves is interesting without ruining the draw of the thistley subject within.

complex plant

Finally, here's another from Feb. 3 that I'm calling "me and my shadow". I found I had returned to the simplicity of the first image from two days earlier. Notice how once again the colors and shaping of form are completely different, a result of the changing light.

back to simplicity

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