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Keeping it fresh

Event photography, like other types, can benefit from an open mind, a fresh approach to what one sees.

Waiting for spring...what to photograph without leaving home...maybe looking at some old candles in a new way:


How about the old standby, a still life with fruit. A banana and a variety of tomatoes straight from the supermarket:

tomatoes and banana

More and more inwardly focused - the violin, as I see it:


Finally a chance to get outside and travel a bit; look who's coming straight at me! Shorebird:

bird coming at you

Below, I liked the way the wavelets and reflections combined with the curve of the shoreline, so even though the bird was turned a bit away from me, I was happy with the image. Looks contemplative, no?


Mallards may be commonplace, but I still think they're beautiful. This pair could not be resisted:


At sundown, a section of the bay (Neuse River at New Bern, NC) looked like the control tower of an airport. In addition to the fellow in the foreground getting clearance for takeoff from the two on the tower, you can see a pair making their final approach over the water, and in the original high resolution photo, one also sees a gaggle above the trees on the left, obviously in a holding pattern!

birds as airport traffic

Back home in Raleigh, a very windy day resulted in the image below. A dead leaf got wedged in the rather amazing bark of a fruit tree.

leaf and bark

Almost time for the next wedding! I like shooting a variety of subjects to help keep things fresh. I hope you enjoyed some of what I found. Later I'll show how I think some of this "rubs off" in my wedding photography.

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