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Blue eyed cat, yellow-green eyed cat

What can I say? Every photographer's web site seems to need at least one photo of a cat with striking eyes. To me this shot is as much about the barely visible hints of the cat's owner and surroundings as it is about "just" a cat, but I will certainly also admit that I find cats beautiful, and this one also quite full of personality.

cat on shoulder

For contrast, here's a very active cat that I looked after for a few days at a friend's home. He was tearing around the kitchen, excited at having a visitor in the middle of his day. I grabbed this shot when he almost paused, literally a split second of slow motion. I call the photo "Yipes, Stripes!" for pretty obvious reasons.

Yipes, Stripes!

I enjoy the challenge of using wide aperture lenses for the very shallow depth of field. It can be overdone, but some subjects seem to call for a very specific area of focus. This was all accomplished with the optical properties of the lenses (a 50mm for the upper image, and 85mm for the lower), not through any Photoshop manipulation.

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