CLASSICAL PHOTOGRAPHY by Jess Isaiah Levin, Raleigh, NC

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A Rose for Valentine's Day

A little still life as a gift for the occasion.

red rose, white vase

That was shot by daylight through a window, with a very wide lens aperture to soften everything except the textures of the rose petals.

Here is the same flower, almost the same view, but with these differences: a "hard" (narrowly focused) cold-colored light source, a narrow lens aperture to include the vase in the field of sharp focus, and a plain black background:

rose in concentrated light

Perhaps dramatic, but probably not what we would call romantic.

Finally, here is the same setup, but with a different "pose" for the rose, a softer (broader) light source, warmer colors, and a different composition of elements within the space of simple black:

rose in soft light



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