CLASSICAL PHOTOGRAPHY by Jess Isaiah Levin, Raleigh, NC

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April 9, 2009

A brief opportunity to explore the Raulston arboretum gave me more variety than I had expected. Before I even got there, though, I did some shooting in our own yard. The light was dim, but the bees were happy.

rain-slicked steps

Some of the buds were open, and swayed in the breeze. I used very wide apertures and high shutter speeds to isolate a bit of detail amid the motion.

wet weeds

These leaves fell into an interesting position, and the white flowers formed a cloud-like bed for them.

Plant Combat

As I left for the Arboretum, I spotted one more interesting play of light:


So at last we get tot the "real stuff", cultivated flowers:

fly on flower

This one was lit from below by reflection off a large white blossom:

Bees seem to like thistles and such.

bee on thistle

The pond was in a phase where lotus blooms were nowhere to be seen, but lilypads and other dead leaves were showing off amazing colors!

red lilypad

leaves in pond

This flower constituted a complete nesting ground for some kind of isect eggs:

eggs on flower

As I was leaving, almost to the parking lot, I spotted these two flies procreating. I had to lie down with my face on the ground to get this view:

flies procreating on flower

No privacy, huh?!


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