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May 21 , 2009

A few hours in Columbia, SC

I took another look at the same old lantern, from a new perspective.

lantern detail

Wandering over to the capitol grounds, I found a lot of sculpture to enjoy, including this eagle:

eagle sculpture

The real birds sometimes seem to become part of a sculpture:


As you can see in this detail from the above shot, the robin seemed to want to construct his own chain:

robin detail

A few feet away, a plant "sculpture" with natural "spotlighting":

glamourous pine cone

A squirrel who for one second became a cardboard silhouette:

squirrel silhouette

And the capitol itself, a beautiful building with classically sculpted details:

SC capitol building

A monument to the dead of the Civil War:

SC civil war memorial

Many steps to the main entrance of the capitol:

capitol steps

There was much more to be seen on the grounds, but allow me to jump to a couple of sightings from the short walk between here and the art museum. Much beautiful restoration work has been done to old buildings in Columbia, and many modern structures have sprouted. Still, in times of economic stress, not every business survives.

money to loan

And this building appears to be at least partly closed up, but has a nicely tended garden on one side:

window to where?

I liked the way the newer, taller building is visible behind and above.

Finally, here's an active sculpture outside the art museum:

sculpture fountain

Time to catch a bus for Hilton Head!



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