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May 22-23 , 2009

A quick look at Georgetown, South Carolina

Well, I did actually "land" in Hilton Head first, but only spotted a few flowers (past their prime) enjoying the dull rain. Here's one:

wet flower

So, it was on to Georgetown before my schedule let me create some photos for my own enjoyment. The walkway through marsh grass to a jetty:

through the marsh

A very ordinary scene, I just liked the confluence of cloud patterns with the patterns formed by the wind blown grass. Here's another view of the jetty:

solarized jetty

I processed it in Photoshop to simulate a technique that I used to use in the black and white chemical darkroom. It's commonly called "solarization", though rather than using sunlight, it is generally accomplished by controlled flashing of the room lights at a critical stage in the development of a print (or more rarely a negative). It can result in partial reversal of tones and some interesting edge effects.

Here's the inlet where these photos were done:


Next, I explored a district with some historic homes. In spite of the beautiful architecture, one of the standout features was on the porch of an unexceptional modern house. The "owner" obviously fits just perfectly:

cat in rattan

At the waterfront, preparations for Memorial Day were underway.

cannon and flags

An occasion for thought.


I hoofed over to Prince George's Parish Church and did some photography in the cemetery. A conventional color view -

cemetery color

- and an infrared black and white view.

infrared cemetery

That's it for today. Next stop, Wilmington, NC.

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