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May 23 , 2009

Wilmington, NC, the Battleship North Carolina

I was in Wilmington for about five hours of an evening, and performed a concert during that time. Nonetheless, there are a few photos that may be of interest. Here is a panoramic view across the Cape Fear River toward the Battleship North Carolina. On the left is the large concert tent, with the NC Symphony truck backed into position for offloading large instruments and equipment.

concert site near the Battleship North Carolina

On the near side of the river, Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II

An old sailing ship - even a modern replica - is fun to explore!


main mast

Another sculpture, with an enviable view, looking toward the light:

looking toward the light

One could wish for a bird's eye view of the waterfront.

bird's eye view

Finally, here is the battleship up close, at nightfall. Note the World War II fighter plane on deck.

battleship at nightfall

A nice end to a brief but visually stimulating trip.

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