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November 19, 2009

Odyssey of a Snail

Moving at a snail's pace can be "fast" if you are a tiny snail, or a photographer following the action. This one has a shell about 8 millimeters in diameter.


The journey began with tentative forays in various directions.

snail turn

It seemed to know exactly where it was headed now.

snail straight ahead

Stretching out, yet moving slowly, even for a snail.

snail 4

Got it in gear now, covered a complete tile in what seemed like no time.

snail in gear

Uh oh, barrier sighted ahead. Raise reconaissance gear.

snail spots obstactle

This thing is pretty high, special measures may be required.

snail periscopes

I don't know if it will manage with that shell as baggage.

snail climb

By extending itself far out of the shell, it succeeds in climbing the mat, then pulling the shell up after itself in stages, somewhat like an inchworm's movements.

snail extension

Mission accomplished! Too bad I'm too nearsighted to enjoy the view from an altitude of 2 centimeters or so (about an inch).

snail on plateau

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