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October 20, 2011

Shore birds - and pigeons - at the mouth of the Neuse River

I was lucky enough to have a free afternoon in New Bern, North Carolina, and spent much of the time getting to know the local flying denizens. The gulls, ducks, and others seem to get along pretty well, and certainly don't lack sustenance.

Along with the availability of fish in the bay, there is always a certain amount of human-provided food for the birds, good for them or not. This one seems to be demanding to be fed, though it was actually shaking to rid itself of excess water. The scene reminded me of the tale of the ugly duckling, for some reason.


This scene made me think of Narcissus.

stream by night

A pinpoint landing.

vapor lamp rainbow

This was part of a fishing sequence that was not successful (but gave me a series of nice shots to print and hang, so I'm happy).

mosquito bites squirrel

This one found something that looks suspiciously like a hot dog bun, though it makes a great Halloween mask for the bird. Homer Simpson, perhaps?

squirrel hiding in tree

Rather a majestic wing position at this moment:

Not so majestic at this time! More like a delta wing experimental beast:

Pigeons can be found everywhere, but not always with their irridescent green necks mirrored by their perch.

Some folks just have to start complaining the moment they arrive!

Here's the area of the Neuse River where I found the birds. Lovely, pristine shore, isn't it?


To be fair, and serious for a moment, the nearby downtown area of New Bern is charming and beautiful, with a lot of nice places to visit!

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