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October 24, 2011

Insects and Fruit

The autumn foliage colors are as yet only slightly in evidence here in Raleigh, and some flowers are still blooming. These mums (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum?) are busy attracting bees and other insects and arachnids. Note the spider legs extending beyond the petal behind the bee. The tiny fly on the left side of the flower may be potential prey.


A mid-sized fly took over for the bee. The spider still lurks.


A mosquito imbibing nectar. It seems that both males and females drink nectar, but only females seek blood meals, for use of proteins in egg production. This may have been a male. At any rate, it didn't assault me and draw blood, which suited me fine.


A rather pretty moth displayed its iridescence.


After pestering all the tiny creatures I found in one small area (actually, I take care to not harm them or interfere with their lives), I decided to set up a different type of picture.


I felt that arranging a still life of fruits and a vegetable was appropriate for an outdoor setting. By the way, the "painterly" background is entirely a result of throwing it far out of focus (lens aperture, f/1.2) and taking advantage of the light filtering through the trees. This also draws our attention to the gourd. It looks almost like an animal of some sort, doesn't it?




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