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October 27, 2011

Late blooming flowers against autumn leaves and sky

In a walk through the neighborhood, I was surprised to find roses freshly blooming, and pleased the way the yellowing leaves on the trees behind them made a nice soft background (thoroughly blurred by a long focal length, wide aperture lens).


I moved in for a closer look at one.


I liked the subtle color contrasts of this flower, and allowed the new bud to peek around the corner.


This red rose was past its prime, so I focused on the veiny leaf, and used the flower as a kind of divider between the smoky-textured colors of the patch of sky on the left and tree leaves on the right. The very tall stalk was blowing in the breeze, so it was not easy to compose this the way I wanted it.


Finally, here is a shot where I got a different sort of pattern from the leaves and sky. This flower still looked healthy and "happy", so I was careful to show some of its texture and details.



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