CLASSICAL PHOTOGRAPHY by Jess Isaiah Levin, Raleigh, NC

Fine wedding photographs are an investment in your future.  When all the planning for your celebration is done, when the special day has finally arrived, when all the events have finished, when your unique event is only a shared memory - your photos will always remain, allowing you the luxury of an artistic attachment to this important part of your personal history.

Although each wedding is different, the day itself can conveniently be divided into sections:  preparations, your ceremony, and the reception.

The atmosphere and emotions before your wedding ceremony are among the wonderful things we can capture for you!   A memento of this part of your day is sure to provide you with pleasure each time you revisit your wedding album. As a photographer, I like to blend a traditional, classical style of relaxed, artistic posing with a photojournalistic eye that is always looking for the interesting and beautiful side of reality.  We can begin photo coverage at your home, your wedding site, or elsewhere - as you decide.

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